A solo man agency to develop games with GDevelop 5, plus a web designer at Disenialia.


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Games of GamesIgniter

A Pixel Adventure Legion
A Pixel Adventure Legion - Explore various locations in the dark castle to find and save the princess. The story begins when the king requests
Platformer example
A default platformer example made with GDevelop 5, to demonstrate how to add objects and set up a score, coins can be collected. - Includes enemies...
Asteroids example
An example of the classic game Asteroids made with GDevelop 5
BreakOut example
Look at you, Breakout Pro... you cleared all the bricks!!!
MK Fighters
A retro side-scrolling shooter where you must defeat incoming enemies with your mecha transforming spaceship. Enemies included. Huge boss included!
State machine with combos
A simple but advanced state machine for your player, run, walk, attack 1, attack 2, attack 3 and more.
Red Laura - SampleVania
A simple example of a castle with various rooms and the mechanics of vania-style game.
Alanna The Princess Of Puzzles
Help Alanna to defeat all the monsters in the castle of shadows, level up system, inventory, potions, a lot of monsters a retro pixel style platformer
A Pixel Adventure - Pairs
A new game from the A Pixel Adventure franchise, this time enjoy playing a pairs game with all the characters of the saga.
A Pixel Adventure - Heroes Brawl
Start the adventure with one of the two characters from the mythical saga, Alanna or Ulises, share your level and experience
WTF Wars Humans Vs Zombies for GDevelop 5
Simple clone of plants vs zombies created in 7 hours for a tutorial